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Monster Wars Online : Getting Started

Welcome to Monster Wars Online!
This guide will help you through your fist steps in the game by giving you an overview of the user interface, available actions and advice on what to do first for a good start.

When you log in and enter a session for the first time, you have to create a new monster.
A list let you browse through the different available monsters and their attributes and abilities.
Enter your name at the bottom and press the button to create a monster.

On top of the game screen is a general overview of your monster status.
On the left is your monster's name and type, and below are its level, experience and skill points.
On the right is your number of Central Pods and turns available as well as your crystals.
In landscape mode, you will be available to see a reminder of your monster health and energy in the middle as well as your win/lose ratio and score.

Every action you take in Monster Wars Online costs turns. You will regain 1 every 5 minutes with a limit of 300 turns in reserve. So come back often to check on your monster and play more.


The first thing you should do is explore to increase your Pod Sites.
Click on the third tab. Press the Explore button, and then explore for approximatively 100 Turns. Your Pod Site will become around 1,500.
Then start building pods, by starting with "Building Pod" first. You will then be able to build other pods faster. Press the "+" icon next to the pod type, then input the number of pods to build and confirm.

The recommend amount for each pod type is as follows:
Healing Pod = 200-400 (Regain more HP per turn)
Energy Pod = 100 (If the monster's attack you use does not require EN, Energy Pod is not necessary)
Crystal Pod = 700-850 (Gains more Crystals per turn)
Research Pod = At your will (The more the higher chance you will gain a random item)
Defense Pod = 0 (Build them later, give a HP bonus in defense)
Building Pod = 500 (Build more pods per turn)


When you use your turns your monster will regain Health and Energy as well as gain Crystals based on the number of pods you have.

Go back to the fist tab presenting the attributes of your monster.
Health : your monster life points. If it reaches 0 during a battle, you lose.
Energy : some attacks require energy to be used
Speed : determine how well your monster hits and avoids attacks
Armor : reduce damage taken during a battle
Size : the smaller is a monster, the harder to hit
Move : influence how much turns are required to attack
The number in [brackets] is what will be gained by upgrading the attribute and next to it is the cost in turns/crystals.

Boost allow you to spend turns in order to emphasize on one kind of development
Boost Health & Energy : Regenerate Health and Energy 100% faster
For example: In general you regain 500HP and 100EN per 10 Turns, if you boost Health & Energy for 10 Turns you will get back 1000HP and 200EN instead.
Boost Crystals : Gain 20% more Crystals
For example : In general you gain 10,000 Crystals per 10 Turns, if you boost Crystals for 10 Turns, you will gain 12,000 credits instead.
Boost Experience : Gain 7 Experience per turn


You can enhance your monster's ability by spending Turns and Crystals.
Press the "Up" button next to the attribute to upgrade it.

On the second tab are the attacks and skills your monster can use in battle.

See the "Battle" Section for a description of the attack attributes. You can upgrade the attack's power using the "Up" button.

A complete list of the existing skills is avalaible at the end of this guide.

The "Items" button at the bottom of the screen opens your inventory where you can browse and sell your items.


In order to intercept any intruding opposing monster, you need to set your defense tactics.

Go to the fourth tab. Press the "New Tactic" button to create a new tactics.
Enter a name, choose a display color.

Your monster can use its skills during a battle as long as it has enough skill points.
Select a skill and a round on which the skill will be used. Each skill lasts 2 rounds (for example a skill activated on round 2 will be effective during round 2 and 3). You can keep adding skills to your tactics as long as you have enough remaining skill points.

A list of the different existing skills and their description is available at the end of this guide.

You can also use up to 2 items during a battle. Some items need to be used at a specific round. The others are active during the whole fight.
Note that items used during defense will not be lost but those used during an attack will. You can edit your existing tactics later by using the dedicated button next it.

Next, you need to set your tactics to defend against monster type. You can affect tactics to one or more monster type as well as assigning several tactics to one monster type.

When a monster attacks you, the corresponding tactic will be used against it. If there are multiple tactics for the type, it will be chosen at random between those.

You should also choose a tactics that will be used when you attack other monster's territory.


Now go to the last tab where you can see your score, win ratio, attack and defense quota. When you are attacked, you will see the battle result in the defense history.

Open the ranking screen to see the other monsters in the session. (You can filter the list by monster type or score range)
If you click on the Attack button, the list will be automatically filtered to your attack range.
Your attack range is based on your actual score to keep the battles fair. Also, you can not attack a monster twice in less than 24 hours or when it's defense quota is full (unless it attacked you in the last 24 hours)

White monsters are out of your range of attack
Grey monsters hare already dead
Yellow monsters have a full defense quota already
Pink Monsters are newbies (less than an day old)
Orange monsters you have already attack today
Green monsters are valid targets
Blue monsters are subject to counter attack (has attacked you today)

Click to attack button to engage the battle with another monster (you won't be able to attack if your monster has less than 15% HP)
The attacker is on the left side and the defender on the right. Monsters attacks each other every round until one of them run out of HP.
Attack with the highest damage will be chosen if the requirement are met (morale, energy, amount left).

For each round, you will see following information:

skills and items; active during this round
monster rage; gained by hitting the opponent or with skills, required to use certain attacks
attack accuracy; if the random in parentheses is lower than the accuracy, then the attack hits
critical; chance to double damage
block; the other monster has a chance to double its armor
damage; damage dealt by the attack
At the end of the screen is the battle result and how much experience and Pod Sites you gained

After a battle, you should go back to Boost and use turns to get back your health and energy. When your monster is recovered, you can attack again, but there is a limit quota of 7 attacks par day.

You can still attack after you quota is full but it will cost 10 extra turns in cumulative for each attack after the 7th. It is not advised to do so as it is usually a waste of turns.


Central Pods represent your territory. When your attack another monster and win, you will gain 1 Central Pod and some Pod Sites. When attacked and lose, you will also lose 1 Central Pod and Pod Sites.
As soon as you have 0 Central Pod, your monster is dead. You can delete it and create a new monster immediately by going back to the Session Screen.


Autohit (15 SP) Add 80 points to your monster's accuracy
Charge (20 SP) Combine AutoHit and Flash effects
Flash (15 SP) Remove 100 points from enemy monster's accuracy
Fury (25 SP) Ensure 100% chance to make a critical hit
Heal (25 SP) Regen 1/5 of Max HP
Heal2 (40 SP) Regen 1/3 of max HP
Heal3 (50 SP) Regen 1/2 of Max HP
Inspire (85 SP) Combine Motivate, Charge, Fury and Heal3 effects
Intimidate (20 SP) Remove 10 rage points from ennemy
Regenerate (60 SP) Regen Max HP
Luck (20 SP) 1.7x Exp and Pod Site gained if this skill is activated on the last round of the battle
Miracle (120 SP) Combine 2 Motivates, Charge, Power, and Luck effects
Motivate (40 SP) Add 15 rage points
Raid (40 SP) Combine Charge and Fury effects
Rally (25 SP) Add 10 rage points
Sharp (10 SP) Add 30 points to your monster's accuracy, remove 30 points from enemy monster's accuracy
Power (50 SP) Multiply by 3 the attack's power; the attack's critical = 2
Protect (30 SP) Halves damages inflicted on your monster

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Monster Wars Online

Evolve your monster, expand your territory and battle players all over the world.

Monster Wars Online is a free massively multiplayer online strategy game where you control a monster and battle other players for the top of the ranking ladder.

Evolve your monster as it fights its opponents, expand your territory, gain crystals and upgrade your attacks power.
Read your opponent tactics to find its weak spot to slay him.
Outsmart and defeat the other monsters and be the best of them!

Fantasy Warfare

Battle your opponent and capture his magical orb while protecting yours.
Fantasy Warfare is a tactical board game similar to Stratego.

The objective of Fantasy Warfare is to find and capture the opponent's Orb or to capture so many of his units that he cannot make any further moves. Players do not know the ranks of each other's units, so disinformation and discovery are important elements of the game.
Challenge players all over the world in online games, compete with another human player on the same device or play against the computer AI.